The Arts Society South Suffolk Church Recording Group have completed the record of St Mary the Virgin Church, Ovington and have handed over this record at a special service in early 2017.  The Group have started their work at the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, at Alpheton. If you think you might be interested in joining this small group then contact Mrs Jennifer Harrison for a chat –

We had our second visit to this Church on 14th September. Sue Medcalf was with us and was able to give the Recorders an idea of how they should Record the Sections. This despite the noise of workmen taking the tiles off the roof, as a result, everything in the church was covered in protective plastic sheeting! Hopefully by our next meeting on 19th October, they will have finished and we will have the Church to ourselves. This is one of the recurring hazards of Church Recording, that a wedding, or particularly a funeral cannot be anticipated.

During a High Sheriff's visit (see photograph), Sue Medcalf (Area Church Recording Organiser) asked that as many Church Recorders as possible attend a meeting she had organised on Monday, 25th September, at Barham Church near Ipswich, to meet Geoffrey Probert, The High Sheriff of Suffolk. Jennifer was able to represent TAS South Suffolk. There was a large gathering of about thirty CR's. They had brought with them the finished Records of about 8 churches recorded over a timescale of about thirty years. The High Sheriff thanked us for all the work that we had done Recording Churches over many years and handed out several Long Service Certificates.