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03 March 2020Cathedrals, safe places to do risky things?
28 January 2020ENCORE! A Beginners Guide to Opera - Part 2 - 20th - 21st Century
01 November 2019Why Paris? 1900 - 1947
01 October 2019Art Crime and the International Art Market
26 March 2019The Art and Culture of fin de siecle Vienna
26 February 2019A beginners Guide to Opera
22 January 2019The Beauty of Frames, their history and conservation
13 November 2018An Introduction to English Silver
30 October 2018The River of Life: The Seine, cradle of impressionism
22 March 2018Australian Art from the Convict Years
13 March 2018"Doctor what is wrong with me?" The Art of Diagnosis
06 February 2018"Seats in All Parts!" The Architecture of British Theatres and Cinemas (organised by TAS Sudbury)
07 November 2017"Not Bloody Likely!" The Covent Garden Piazza from Indigo Jones to Bernard Shaw and Beyond (organised by TAS Sudbury)
03 October 2017Legend & Lustre: Jim Thompson and Thai Silk
23 May 2017Riviera Paradise; The fusion of art, design and pleasure on the Côte d'Azur in the 1920's and 1930's.
14 February 2017Red Vibrations & Out of the Blue
08 November 2016WINDSOR CASTLE: From Medieval Fortress to Royal Palace and A Castle Restored: The Fire of 1992 & the Restoration
25 October 2016Theatre Illusion
14 July 2016NADFAS East Anglia SHOCKING! The life and times of Elsa Schiaparelli
03 May 2016Inn Signia. The artwork & stories behind peculiar pub names and WINE RELATED ANTIQUES
22 March 2016Constable's oil sketching techniques and Constable's six-footers
02 February 2016The Drama behind the Taj Mahal
18 January 2016A La Mode in Town and Country
27 October 2015Special Interest Morning - The Moon-gate and the City God
14 July 2015Theatrical personalities of the 20th Century theatre
12 May 2015Music inspired by Paintings and Paintings inspired by Music ( organised by Sudbury DFAS)
12 May 2015Music inspired by Paintings and Paintings inspired by Music (Organised by Sudbury DFAS)
24 March 2015Gold in the Gilbert Collection
10 February 2015Byzantine Mosaics, Constantinople, Ravenna and Greece
24 November 2014Special Area Event - Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
11 November 2014The Genius that is Michelangelo, a celebration of his life and works.
15 July 2014Beds, Bricks and Sheds. Is this Art?
09 July 2014East of England Area Event - 'It will all be over by Christmas!'
27 May 2014New York - New York, the wonderful Town
17 March 2014East Anglia Area Event - Summer in February
06 March 2014The Artists' Paradise: Gardens in Art and the History of Kew Gardens
11 February 2014Galle, Lalique and their contemporary French glassmakers
12 November 2013From Inigo Jones to Lutyens and British Architecture from 1930 to the present day
23 October 2013Canals, Carnivals and Courtesans - Art in 18th Century Venice

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Cathedrals, safe places to do risky things? Janet Gough OBE Tuesday 03 March 2020

Janet will process through a virtual tour of the Church of England's magnificent 42 cathedrals and give you an overview of their various histories. In the second half, she selects her favourite church in every Church of England diocese.

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